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Art Deco on Stone

This is the 1930’s Art Deco building was the reason I stopped to take photos in this neighborhood on Stone. It is currently in use by a who handles “divorces, bonds, child suppport, income tax, accounting” and an insurance agent.



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Courthouse View


Old County Courthouse – its central courtyard – in the foreground, one of the City of Tucson office buildings on the right and the Unisource building on the left. A range of architectural styles spanning about 200 years. I wonder if it affects how we think, we who spend time in these cities, to have this kind of both architectural diversity and dissonance going on, like 3 different kinds of music playing at the same time.


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This is the front door of the Arizona Historical Society Museum near the University of Arizona campus. What makes it notable is that the facade is from St. Augustine’s Cathedral, built in the mid 1800’s and ending its days ignominiously as a garage before being demolished.. This is the original central facade rescued from that building.

St. Augustine is one of Tucson’s patron saints. I will put up a photo of the newest version of St. Augustine’s Cathedral sometime soon.


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Downtown Window

Some of the older buildings downtown that were built before air conditioning, have shaded verandahs, sometimes hidden behind decorative wrought iron screens like the one below. The verandahs built right up against the streets or sidewalks must have been in, their time, the site of much socializing and would have been a pleasant place to appreciate the coolness of summer nights after blistering hot days.  This particular building was once a hotel but is now owned by the Arizona Theater Company.
And by the way, I really like this photo from Aukland Daily Photo.


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Gate and Orange Door


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Old County Courthouse


Used a dry brush filter in Photoshop.  (This is a different photo than I originally posted.)


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