This blog was born in March of 2006, originally on Blogger and now has moved to WordPress. With the move, I have been rethinking and refocusing my approach to the blog and then rethinking again. Basically it grows from what I want to say photographically with my primary subject being Tucson and environs. All the photos were taken by me with a Canon S2 IS. I use Photoshop to enhance photos, to make them more like what I actually saw when I took the photo and I will sometimes play around with filters, but nothing is added – no moons added to make a sky look better, no people to make a building more interesting. What you see, is what was there.

In a complementary blog called me.photos.Tucson, which can be found in my blogroll, there will be photos that don’t find a home here, photos I love but just don’t fit in the one photo a day format/interests of the kind of visitors that blog gets. Or photos that just need a bigger space. Feedback is always welcome, on the photos, the blogs, whatever. DP bloggers who want to let people know about their new blog or changes in an old blog are always welcome to include that in a comment.


5 responses to “About

  1. Your photos are so wonderful. The ones of Tucson especially prod this note since my friend will be making her first visit to a spa, the Canyon Ranch to be specific, with her two (grown) daughters for a “girls’ together for a weekend” in September. Any suggestions you can offer for newbies to the area would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Thanks so much for your insight into Tucson. I feel like I can see through your minds eye, which I think may be similar to mine because I also have a love of Tucson.

  3. Do you plan to publish your photos in a book, or via DVD?

  4. Hey you take great photos of Tucson! Is your camaera a point-and-shoot? I ask because thats all I have (Canon SD750) and I wish I had an SLR.

  5. Sorry I posted the wrong link.

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