Downtown from Stone

Looking towards the south side of downtown Tucson from Stone, taken in the evening.  Somehow this view seems oddly intimate to me, like approaching a restaurant from a back alley.  I like the signs advertising  boxing, a car show , something called an “Asian  spectacular”, events being held at the Casino del Sol.  The AVA Amphitheater is on the Pasqua Yaqui reservation near Tucson and is associated the gaming casino.




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5 responses to “Downtown from Stone

  1. Nice town photo. I love AZ. We hope to move to AZ someday. It’s my dream.

  2. Great shot of downtown!

  3. This is a great shot of downtown!!! Actually every time that I think of 4th or 6th avenue I associate it with this view(as the view leading to 4th from Broadway/Congress) is very similar. Great site!!!

  4. Scott Ward

    Please return this blog to its daily appearance from a year ago.

  5. jim

    do u have any street scenes of south tucson, like south 6th or south 4th?

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