Windy Point at Dusk




Filed under Mountains, Santa Catalinas, sunset

8 responses to “Windy Point at Dusk

  1. Excellent shot. Beatifully captured and the right exposure. Did you get it first time or after a few goes? One to be proud of.

  2. Thanks Dave. I just shoot a lot of shots and then see what I have at home. Of course it was helpful that the guy chose to walk out there and be silouetted that evening.

  3. This is absolutely magic Louz, absolutely magic. It’s the kind of photo I would like in front of my desk and that I would enjoy looking at every day, several times a day. I’ll be back to look at it!!!

  4. Thanks Nathalie. I like it very much too. I’ve been fascinated by this theme – the hills disappearing into the mist, the vastness of the landscape – for a long time. I had a print of a Japanese landscape, with those qualities, when I was a kid and that still is part of what I’m looking for.

  5. Wow! Just wonderful, stunning photo! What a magic view!

  6. Wow, what a beautiful shot. Love the color tones.

  7. I love sunset images like that. Nice job!

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