Courthouse View


Old County Courthouse – its central courtyard – in the foreground, one of the City of Tucson office buildings on the right and the Unisource building on the left. A range of architectural styles spanning about 200 years. I wonder if it affects how we think, we who spend time in these cities, to have this kind of both architectural diversity and dissonance going on, like 3 different kinds of music playing at the same time.



Filed under architecture, Downtown Tucson, Tucson

3 responses to “Courthouse View

  1. I love this photograph. The candy colors, the kind of painted backdrop look to the buildings in back, the reflections in the windows and the woman in blue. Brava.

  2. You really do capture some architectural diversity here in this photo. And I agree, architecture is art.

  3. Thanks Mary! You gave me such a lift tonight with your comment.

    Hi Annie! Sometimes I wish Tucson had the diversity and time depth of a European or Asian city but still I find it fascinating in its own way.

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