Lincoln to President to Ajo

These two short blocks of Sixth Street were so uninspiring that I’m just going to lump them together and move on to better things next week. Most of the business were national chain stores: auto parts, fast food, rent-to-own furniture, insurance and so on. Even one of those sadly ubiquitous payday advance stores. No street art, no murals, at best an inflated piston balloon in front of an auto parts store.

So below, the corner of Ajo and 6th as reflected through the fake flowers in the SavOn store window. There was plastic netting behind the flowers in the store window and yes there are a lot of white vehicles in Tucson (it gets hot!). The view is west towards the Tucson Mountains.




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5 responses to “Lincoln to President to Ajo

  1. Mmm, my kind of photograph. The three levels, the fake and the real, the man made and the natural, the netting in the sky. The small made big and looming and the big and looming made small. Plus, of course, it looks good. Love it.

  2. I really love this photo – so much going on. Giant fake flowers in foreground, tiny real mountains in background, and between artifice and raw nature, you have normal everyday human life. And the reflections and especially netting in sky make it a gorgeous fantasy.

  3. Pat

    Ohhh, love the reflections! Really nice pic this is!

  4. Thank you Mary and Pat. Mary you said it better but that’s what a lot of what 6th st, even Tucson as a whole, is for me. This place where we humans make lives, with much that’s genuine and deeply felt, and yet this is a culture where so much is artificial. And the old mountains and the desert with life going on there that is on a totally different plane. But not separate because we use, we destroy we mostly don’t even understand the wild places.

  5. the reflection is merging nicely..cheering up the hassle scene

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