Why are they called Butterflies?

Why, in English, are they called Butterflies? Nobody knows. The most fanciful version I found was that they were once thought to be witches who took that form to steal butter and milk, a derivation from the Old English word “buttorfleoge” which refers to one who steals milk. If so witches had lovely imaginations.




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7 responses to “Why are they called Butterflies?

  1. Great detail….must be some camera lens. Nice play of light off the leaves.

  2. It is so nice to see color. You have very nice photographs.

  3. That green is gorgeous! Interesting tidbit about witches!

  4. Love your butterflies. Exquisite. Wonderful compositions. Nice pair. Let’s see, did I leave anything out? Color, yes, beautiful.

  5. Interesting etymology.
    I prefer to call them flutterbies!

  6. Thanks guys, I like this photo though the butterfly was not the most brightly colored. I like flutterbies too!

  7. I’ve never seen a butterfly with these colors. Ours are usually black and yellow or white. Anyway, love this photo.

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