Butterfly Magic

The Butterfly Magic show continues at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Think of dry Tucson, outside temp around 56F (13C) and then you walk through a safety entrance into a greenhouse where its 90F (32C) at 100% humidity, with butterflies and flowers and overheated people, many with cameras. And its great fun. Like a little garden of Eden with the humans fully clothed. The Blue Morphos, the prettiest- brilliant black and irridescent blue – were zooming around like fighter pilots. Nobody got photos of them. But here’s one I did get.




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5 responses to “Butterfly Magic

  1. oh my! what a lovely butterfly!

  2. Thanks Santy. It was too hot to stay long in the greenhouse but they were lovely. I’m sorry to say I can’t identify the one in the photo.

  3. Another nice photo. Love these colors.

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