Apache Underpass

The perils of being public art, sometimes you can be terrific but your setting trivializes the meaning. Who he is facing? See here.




Filed under Downtown Tucson, History of the Soutwest, murals

3 responses to “Apache Underpass

  1. I was always fascinated but stories of the Apaches when I was young and how they managed to survive in a desert environment. The tales were often of their ruthlessness, but no mention of how ruthless people were to them.

  2. Love it! Strong beautiful colours to depict a strong tribe.

  3. As I understand it, they and the Navajo came into the southwest US/Mexico not long before the Spanish, they were raiders by habit, rather than hunter-gathers or farmers like the other tribes there at the time. Basically it was a clash of cultures which they lost on the basis of numbers and weapons technology. Who’s to judge them on ruthlessness when these were cultures with differing views of honor and obligation? They were superb warriors who made life difficult for the Anglos who came into the area for over a hundred years.

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