6th Street: District to Lincoln

This is a window on the southeast corner of the Yerberia San Judas. San Judas, not the infamous Judas, but San Judas Tadeo, is “patrón del trabajo y de las causad imposibles… los casos difíciles y desesperados”. In relation to work, a saint of those looking for work. He is also a saint of hospitals.

The figure in the photo is (I think) La Santa Muerte, though she/he is usually dressed in black. Santa Muerte, sometimes associated with yerberias (bontanicas, herbalists) is “an uncanonized Mexican saint. People pray to Santa Muerte for miracles, for love and for luck”, for “recovery of health, stolen items, or kidnapped family members”.

In the window in the photo there were offerings in front of the figure of flowers, candles, oranges and bananas among other things. Yerberias are, I think, a kind of complex mix of culture, religious belief and folk belief/medical arts. An interesting, if a little sensationalistic, article here about botanicas (yerberias).

And by request, a photo here, such as it is, looking down 6th st.




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3 responses to “6th Street: District to Lincoln

  1. I’ve never heard of La Santa Muerte — interesting!

  2. Nice entry. I also work in a yerberia, but its far more than that. Please visit my website, and check it out. Maybe you can write something about me. Well God bless you. Take care.

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