Zee’s Mineral Gallery

Another photo from Zee’s in the Warehouse District – because the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase is going on in Tucson right now. Zee’s sells an eclectic mix of minerals, fossils, antiquities and artwork. And I’m fascinated by those rafters.


More on the Gem and Mineral event here.



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9 responses to “Zee’s Mineral Gallery

  1. I love art places like this one!
    Very nice lighting.

  2. It looks like quite an old building, fascinating!

    South Shields Daily Photo

  3. I remember fondly the gem and mineral shows there when we lived in Tucson. No other city has them like Tucson gets them. I don’t remember Zee’s, though. (It was over ten years ago, hah!)

    I love that huge Shiva statue in the back. I bet that sold for lots of $$$.

  4. Kostas – The lighting was hard, variable, too dim in a lot of places to get clear handheld photos. Fascinating place though and the owners very receptive to photography.

    Curly- It is an old warehouse and unfortunately is one of the buildings that is probably going to be demolished next year. Zee’s and other tenants have already gotten eviction notices.

  5. I knew I’d been absent from your site for too long, but I didn’t know HOW long until now. A lot of catching up to do. First, of course, I go to your 6th Street photos, always of interest to me, and I’m really glad to see them on one page now. If you don’t mind a request, I’d love to see a long shot of the street.

    And then your move to WordPress. How has that been? It looks good, but was it worth the move?

    You’ve had some really nice shots in the last few weeks, and it only helps to have them bigger.

    I’m looking forward to being a more regular visitor for now.

  6. This is a great photo Louz.
    Looking up to the roof structure gives a great sense of space and the whole lot of details inside the shop brings the eye back to the bottom of the picture, so there’s something to look at everywhere. Lovely!

  7. Hadn’t visited for a while, really enjoyed the visit. Congratulations on your new format and on some great pics! I went back and left comments here and there, not as many as I would have liked.
    Best rgds from Sydney,

  8. Hi Mary – I’ve been wondering about continuing the 6th Street project since there been not much interest in it. However I’m still fascinated and thank you so much for being there too. I have a bunch of long shots of the street. I haven’t put one up mostly because I was trying to put just a few photos up each week. I will put one up this week however :)….I moved the blog Jan. 16. It was a lot of work but yeah I’m very glad I did it. On the whole WordPress just works more smoothly. Blogger will probably get the kinks worked out eventually but I just got tired of dealing with all the hassles.

    Nathalie- Thank you! I did crop the photo in to get there. Its a remarkable building. I’ll have to get back there before they close and move elsewhere.

  9. Yotie

    FYI – Zee’s Minerals is no longer in that location. Now he sells by appointment only except during the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show from the end of JAnuary until Feb 14th this year. Then he’s in the open air market at Electric Park, behind Kindo Hospital on Ajo Way. He still has the most amazing stuff, though – enormus fossils and minerals, carvings, and a new line of inlaid tables and gemstone and metal art. Zee still rocks the rock show…

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