Something That Always Annoys Me

Sitting in traffic at a light. I know Tucson’s traffic problems are small compared to many other places, but I’m an impatient person. If I had my way, I’d live in a small town with no traffic lights and maybe just a stop sign or two. And one cafe downtown were everyone went for breakfast.

For more worldwide photos of things that annoy people in their cities, this would be one place to start.



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8 responses to “Something That Always Annoys Me

  1. I think traffic is terrible in many places… patient is one reason for that.

  2. Traffic was a common annoyance in today’s theme day. Luckily I no longer have to put up with traffic given I walk to work. Our big traffic problem in Greenville is fools who run red lights. It has become epidemic.

  3. I found it really interesting how many people meantioned traffic or something to do with cars or roads for this theme.

    We have a problem with red light runners here to.

    One of my dreams to live somewhere where I can bike or walk to work and everywhere else I want to go. Someday!

  4. I had a job where it took me 7 minutes to cycle to work, that was bliss. Then I got one that needed 40 minutes to drive or 1hr to cycle, it was good to have a choice. Now it’s an hours drive, no option to cycle!

  5. Hi Mountainboy! It takes me 45 min to drive to work. I actually kind of enjoy the drive, listen to music, think about things. But it means the expense of maintaining a car, the cost of all that gas. I’d rather walk or bike.

  6. Quite a lovely view in the Pic.
    I use to bike to work in Tucson. I took back streets. Very good exercise. You can also put your bike on the front of the buses which helps you leap bigger distances during the day.
    Pet Peeve:
    I love when a driver in the street lets someone coming out of the shopping center parking lot (like at Campbell and Glenn). They think they are being so courteous but are backing up dozens of people behind them that have the right of way and need to get through the light!

  7. Hi RoseBug – The back roads thru the neighborhoods are definitely the way to go in Tucson on a bike. More interesting any way and less dangerous. They put a 3 ft wide lane next to a 4-6 lane road and call it a bike lane. Suvis and trucks whizzing by your elbow when you’re on a bike does not feel safe.

  8. abby

    yeah i know right

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