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Old County Courthouse


Used a dry brush filter in Photoshop.  (This is a different photo than I originally posted.)



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Lincoln to President to Ajo

These two short blocks of Sixth Street were so uninspiring that I’m just going to lump them together and move on to better things next week. Most of the business were national chain stores: auto parts, fast food, rent-to-own furniture, insurance and so on. Even one of those sadly ubiquitous payday advance stores. No street art, no murals, at best an inflated piston balloon in front of an auto parts store.

So below, the corner of Ajo and 6th as reflected through the fake flowers in the SavOn store window. There was plastic netting behind the flowers in the store window and yes there are a lot of white vehicles in Tucson (it gets hot!). The view is west towards the Tucson Mountains.



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Wall Mural


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Why are they called Butterflies?

Why, in English, are they called Butterflies? Nobody knows. The most fanciful version I found was that they were once thought to be witches who took that form to steal butter and milk, a derivation from the Old English word “buttorfleoge” which refers to one who steals milk. If so witches had lovely imaginations.



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Butterfly Magic

The Butterfly Magic show continues at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Think of dry Tucson, outside temp around 56F (13C) and then you walk through a safety entrance into a greenhouse where its 90F (32C) at 100% humidity, with butterflies and flowers and overheated people, many with cameras. And its great fun. Like a little garden of Eden with the humans fully clothed. The Blue Morphos, the prettiest- brilliant black and irridescent blue – were zooming around like fighter pilots. Nobody got photos of them. But here’s one I did get.



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Another Sixth Street Image

From a block already visited. Presumably the grate was to keep birds from nesting in the drains. Sadly the house is condemned now.

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GRReep! GRReep!

It just wasn’t possible to do my 6th street visit this week so here’s another shot from last week’s block. Viper is a brand of car alarm. I think its one of the talking ones, you know “Stand Back! Stand Back! Errrrt! Errrt! Yeee!. Yeee!…. on and on until you just want them to steal the damn car and be done with it.

Somebody did a nice graphic though, nice detail on the inside of the snake’s mouth.

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