Under the Gate

I was taking pictures of this gate in Barrio Historico and when I turned to go, I heard this dog barking.  And saw this little guy, who just wanted to play as it turned out.




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10 responses to “Under the Gate

  1. Susan

    What a sweet puppy!

  2. ben

    Good photo! Cute model.

  3. I’m a dog lover so I had fun talking to the little guy and taking photos. Made me smile.

  4. Char

    Almost everyone loves cute puppy pictures. I have a few of my own, just not on comp yet! As you said previously Louz, ” Not enough time in the day!”.
    It is a great picture! and I loved the Downtown Ladies I, as well. I’ll keep watching for more of your photos.

  5. Thanks for the visit guys! Even if I’m not daily anymore, its nice to have company here on the Tucson blog.

  6. When the photo opened, I thought it was all about looking at the texture of the wood fence – getting the surprise of that cute doggy at the bottom was a fantastic bonus!

  7. Thanks Nathalie. I’m kind of fond of this photo myself.

  8. How cute! Love dogs.

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