After the Snow

Looking towards the Santa Catalina Mountains, a few days ago actually. The snow isn’t nearly as visible on the mountains today. The Santa Catalinas, including Mt. Lemmon, form the northern boundry of Tucson. In reality, fringe communities bordering Tucson have spread around their western edge and up north of the mountains. Since growth is seen as a good thing by the powers that be here, the Catalinas plus the neighboring Rincon Mts to the east, should be a mountain island in the middle of Tucson in another 20 years.




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5 responses to “After the Snow

  1. Beautiful view! Do you like using Word Perfect? I thought about doing the same.

  2. Mountains in the clouds – very cool!

  3. Great shot, like the cyclist. Do you cycle. I’m not sure I would like the long straight roads you have over there as they are psychologically very tiring . Our lanes are narrow and bendy but very interesting, but you have to keep an eye out for cars.

  4. I like WordPress. On the whole it is less accessible at the geek level I think but more smoothly functioning for doing your basic blog. I’m not fighting all the weird stuff that used to happen just trying to post or upload a photo with blogger.

    I used to cycle in Tucson. There are more interesting roads to ride on. You have to keep on eye on the cars here too. Drivers in Tucson on the whole don’t accept cyclists as having a right to share the road. Mostly that means they don’t pay attention to cyclists the way they should. Occasionaly they are hostile.

  5. Great shot. Love the clouds over the mountains.

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