Sixth: Aviation to Columbia

On Wednesdays I visit 6th street in an attempt to photographically document a cross section of Tucson by photographing one block per week of that street, moving gradually north.


The block this week is between Aviation St and Columbia St. Businesses on that street include a hairdresser, a used car lot, a shop selling party supplies, a shuttle company making trips to Mexico and Phoenix, a locksmith, an auto detailing shop, an auto paint and supply shop, even a Mexican restaurant with a teepee on its roof. You would think there would be sufficient inspiration with all that for a few good photos but no, I have nothing much to show this week. No inspiration on my part. Nonetheless here is one photo and few more here.


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  1. It was interesting to see your previous photos of the snow as yesterday in the papers there was an article about your snow fall with pictures of cacti in the snow.

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