Giant Bee From Tucson Botanical Garden

From the Children’s Garden, where else?

By the way, feedback, positive or negative on the blog would be appreciated. It is still under development. Half the fun at this point is trying new things and making changes. Its an adventure :)

Please check out the other blog,, link on the right. Thanks!



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4 responses to “Giant Bee From Tucson Botanical Garden

  1. Hi thanks for the info on WordPress. It certainly is cleaner and less cluttered. Maybe I will give it a go. Cheers.

  2. Hi Dave – The only thing I really wish were different is the lack of access to the template. For a small fee they will let you alter the CSS but for me that would mean learning CSS. Oh and apparently I can’t use Stat Counter with WordPress (again because you can’t insert code).

    Hey go for it.

  3. wpress has the best minimalist problem navigating. Photos seem sharper too.

  4. I agree about the photos. I’m doing a lot less post-shooting processing. And you get to just upload it the photo in the size you want, within the limits of what the template can handle.

    I don’t think uploading the photos is any faster but page opening seems to be, something I notice with dialup.

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